CISS – Continuous Ink Supply System

I have completely abandoned my blog of late..too busy with life in general but I hope to post some more within the next few days. Now, I know that this blog post has nothing to do with Ham Radio or Geocaching but it is relevant to a certain extent, especially with the amounts of printing I did for the Wedderburn Geocaching event last weekend! 🙂

If you have not heard of the CISS system for printers yet, please do yourself a favour and google it and then see if your printer is compatible. There are now many companies offering a CISS but I went with a company called Rihac ( because they were located in Victoria and I figured if I needed extra supplies I could get them overnight if needed. The savings of such a system are considerable when taking into account this example:

Anyway, I had heard of CISS from another homeschooler and decided I needed one as I was pretty stingy with printing to conserve my printer cartridges as they were so expensive to replace. I started keeping an eye on printers that came up for sale and checking to see if they were supported by the CISS and finally one did. The printer I got was the Epson Workforce 2530 and it happened to be on sale at Kmart for $89. It is the usual fax, scanner, printer combo and is wireless so I don’t need to have my laptop set up next to it. I bought it, then ordered the CISS system for it and have been so pleased that I no longer have to replace expensive ink cartridges.

I have printed out ridiculous amounts of black and coloured pages since I have installed mine and I have only just now ordered my first bottle of black ink to top up my system since I have owned it for almost a year now…the coloured inks still have about half left which will last for a good while yet. I only used about a 1/4 of the new ink bottle to top up my black ink completely so the bottles will last you for ages. It is not that difficult to install; I even managed to do it my own!  The only thing you have to do is to make sure that you don’t have the ink higher than your printer head. I have my ink system sitting in an old lunch box in case of spillage although I have never had a leak. The only thing I have noticed is that if I don’t do any printing for a couple of weeks, I need to do a head clean and nozzle check but that takes only a couple of minutes and I’m good to go. I love that I can now print with gay abandon and now my only worry is if I have enough reams of paper in the draw! 🙂

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