An end to my logbook dramas




Inside pages

I have always had a paper log for my radio contacts, and when I first started I had the ARRL logbooks which were handy, but the cost does add up when you go through the pages of a logbook adding contacts as I do. It is not uncommon for a page or two to get filled up with just one weekend of chasing SOTA and Parks activators. 🙂 After my last logbook had been used up, I resorted to scrap bits of paper, a notepad here and there and made a complete headache for myself trying to organise it all. So, I decided to make my own as I have a binder machine at home and my CISS system. Being a girly girl, it is in pink/purple but you can of course change the colours so please feel free to download and use the files if you would like.

hamlogbooktemplate                                                                                              mainlogbookcover

By vk3fqso

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