Geocaching Event weekend – 18/04/15

Last weekend was the annual Wedderburn Geocaching Event organised by my neighbours, “The Old Blokes”. Attendance has steadily increased each year that is has been held and this year we had quite a crowd in town at Jacka Park for the BBQ lunch and it seemed an even bigger crowd than anticipated at the Motel later on for the Evening Meal.

Some of the crowd at the Lunchtime BBQ.

Some of the crowd at the Lunchtime BBQ.

I had this year organised a GeoBingo game, a Scavenger Hunt for the children, two raffles and bound logbooks for both events so suffice to say, it was a big weekend with hardly any radio chasing opportunities! Below you will find the PDFs for everything I created. Feel free to steal them for your geo-event! 🙂

geologbookcover     geoeventlogbooka4      scavengerhuntkids    geobingo(2)(6)


Raffles just for fun – each had a glass mug filled with chocolates, a box of crackers, a notebook and pen and a manicure set.

Everything went very well, with one cacher lucky enough to score a Gold Nugget that was raffled off by Loddon Tourism…what an awesome prize to win! By all accounts, the caches were well-received and up to the usual great standards of “The Old Blokes” hides with everyone looking forward to next year’s events. The motel struggled with the onslaught of dining cachers on Saturday night, with not enough tables and chairs to seat everyone and some people having to wait almost 2 hours for their food! I was glad that I had decided to eat at home with the family and was able to order drinks instead relatively quickly. Apparently, the motel served about 95 meals that night so coupled with the drinks that were consumed by everyone, they would have made a tidy profit that night!


The calm before the storm! Early on before most of the geocachers had arrived.

By vk3fqso

2 comments on “Geocaching Event weekend – 18/04/15

  1. Hi Amanda, I started doing some Geo a few years ago but got distracted with Amateur Radio!. Might look at getting back into it, must be plenty of caches around when I`m out activating parks. had a guy ask me the other day if I knew anything about it, got me interested again. 73`s & 44`s.


    • Hi Doug,
      It’s always surprising to me the amount of geocaches that are located within parks and on top of summits..I’m sure if you check the geocaching map before heading out, that you will find plenty when you are portable activating parks! 🙂

      Cheers and 73,

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