Antenna Winders

Don’t you just love when parcels arrive? Especially when they contain stuff for playing radio! I have been on a search for some winders to store my antenna wire when I go portable. I love the design of the SotaBeams winders, however the cost when postage was included didn’t make them so attractive especially when I usually pay extra for trackable mail when it comes from overseas. Yes, I am quite stingy, and love a bargain so I decided to do some internet searching for some winders.

My first stop is always Ebay, and even better Ebay international however Ebay turned out to be a fail. So next stop was Mr Google and whilst he did give me plenty of websites to search, I stumbled upon a site called Kitepower and low and behold, I found what I was looking for. In the picture they were plain black (with other colours available but you don’t get a choice), in small or large sizes, no bells and whistles and only $4.00 each. Postage was  $9.45 so I purchased 3 and for $4.00 extra, I also added in 2 small hand winders with 45m of lightweight string already rolled on each one. Plus, I couldn’t help but buy from a company when they have a great sense of humour which is so uncommon these days. Check out this listing on their site for a laugh:

So fast forward a couple of days and guess what? They are candy-coloured girly ones and even came with the elastic, which I thought I would have to add myself. I got the large ones which are 18cm wide, 7cm from top to bottom and are about 5mm thick and they weigh about 45g each so not too bad. I’m pretty happy with them and they will last for a while I think as they feel quite robust, but time will of course tell. So today I will be measuring, cutting, splitting and winding! 🙂

DSC_0170 DSC_0171

By vk3fqso

5 comments on “Antenna Winders

  1. Hi Amanda, I agree with your comments about postage costs which, together with the depreciation of our dollar against major trading currencies, make careful buying the order of the day. I might get a few more winders for my growing collection of portable antennas!
    cheers and thanks for the information and also from Gerard as well.
    John D

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  2. Hi Amanda. A good find! I have recently bought a couple off Sotabeams where they had a buy 2 and get a 3rd one free but these work out better all round when you look at the postage. Im a bit like BJE…plenty of wire and string and now you have found a good storage solution! 73s to you and gang in Wedderburn. Nig.

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