New Family Member!

My blog has been neglected of late but I couldn’t help making a post about our newest family member: a 3 year old, Mini Foxy x Jack Russell named Jack!



We had talked on and off about getting a family pet for a few months, weighing up all the pros and cons of doing so and with the children eagerly adding in their suggestions for ponies, horses, guinea pigs, rabbits etc. the decision was made and I started an online search for a dog. The family had agreed that we “needed” a Jack Russell but we wanted a long-wire or broken-coat breed, and it had to be around 3-7 years old. Simple enough! Yes, but every other person in Victoria wanted to adopt one as well it would seem, because as soon as we found a match, we would ring up and find it had already been what started off as an every other day search became a twice daily search, morning and night on various animal adoption websites so we would be sure to have a chance of finding a match as soon as they appeared online.

I confess that I became a little obsessed and then after yet another let down, my husband jokingly said “Why don’t you search Gumtree instead?”…so I did, and low and behold, there was a gorgeous little guy in Goulburn, NSW! He was everything we were looking for but was over 8 hours away!! We rang up and yes, he was still available after two other parties had not shown up to collect him. We ummed and aahed, but we had all fallen in love with the dog, so my husband jumped in his car and drove away to collect him and we haven’t regretted that decision since they arrived home the next day. Jack is such a charming little fellow…so playful and full of energy, yet happy and independent enough to have time on his own when he feels like it; is very obedient; sleeps all through the night; loves car rides and walks; comes to us when called by his new name (that took a little over a week for him to master)….and we love him! He has been with us for almost a month now and he is such a perfect fit for our family. 🙂

Snuggle time

Snuggle time

Belly-rub time!

Belly-rub time!

By vk3fqso

4 comments on “New Family Member!

  1. Hi Amanda A dog is great for a young family. There are downsides: he won’t be welcome in NPs! He will restrict your freedom a bit – but the up-side is well worth the effort. We had two dogs at the same time but only one junior member of our family. He wanted a beagle and I got a Jack. You can guess what Jack was and he was fantastic. He will enrich your lives! John D VK5BJE


    • Hi John 🙂
      Yes, you are very correct about dogs in NPs…although there are still a couple of parks where Jack will be able to accompany me on some activations. He is a great little dog and we are very lucky to have him. 🙂


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